Library and Information Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Established in 1826, the Library and Information Centre (as it is now called) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is one of Hungary’s largest research libraries.

This one-hour tour takes you to the Palace of the Academy, where two special collections of the Library are housed: the Oriental Collection, which boasts the most comprehensive and richest materials on the subject in Hungary, such as the legacy of Körösi Csoma Sándor (1784?–1842), founder of Tibetan Studies and author of the first Tibetan-English Dictionary (1834).

Other collections of note that you will be shown the most precious specimen of:

At the Department of Manuscripts and Rare Books you will see rarities like a leaf from the Gutenberg Bible, a letter written in blood, Bolyai’s own copy of the Appendix or Goethe’s original drawings.