Budapest University of Technology and Economics
National Technical Information Centre and Library

 The location of the library symbolizes the relationship between Hungary’s biggest technical library and the university: the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ connects the library and the main building as an umbilical cord and is named by the students who went straight from the library to take their exams. Today it functions as a learning space.

The lawn between the two buildings is one of the favorite relaxing places among the students. Under that area there is the library’s underground storage facility, which was built in the 1990s. The area’s other main interest is the Odoo passive house, which earned 6th place at the Solar Decathlon in 2012.

The first item in the university library’s inventory was registered in 1848 and the first printed title catalogue was published in 1874. In 1909, the Library was moved to a separate cathedral-like building. The design is symbolic: by crossing the gate you arrive at the sanctuary of knowledge.

At present, the library holds more than 2 million documents. One can find rare books and incunabula; for example, the Regiomontanus’s Perpetual Calendar which is one of the library’s most valuable book.

Visit us and find out more about the country’s largest technical library’s legendary history!

As a participant in our library tour, you can admire our neo-gothic Main Reading Room, which is more than 400 square meters large and has 300 seats. With its 16.5 meter wide wingspan, it is Europe’s largest non-sacred dome, similar in size to the Vladislav Hall in Prague.

While wandering around in our multi-storey storage facility you can flip through some of our rare books; find out the story of the orphaned stool next to the wall; hear stories about the times when the library was a movie star and what to do when the Danube is flooding.