Traveler information

Entering the country

Hungary is both a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area.  Even if you are a resident of one of the aforementioned states, it is highly recommended to take a passport or ID card with you.

For further information regarding entering Hungary for citizens from other countries please visit this webpage.


Hungary uses Hungarian Forint (HUF). At certain places EURO is also accepted. VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted, though bank terminals are not available everywhere.

Further useful pieces of information please visit this site.

Please be aware that the smallest denomination in use is the 5 Ft coin , so when paying cash you will find that the total payable sum will be rounded to the nearest value of 5.

Money exchange

Change at the airport, banks and exchange offices, or withdraw from ATMs, if your card is supported.

Please be careful and don’t change on the street!

Mains electricity

Hungary uses the same standards as the most of continental Europe.

Residential voltage: 230 V (nominal)
Frequency: 50 Hz
Plug type: C, F

Please check if your country’s standards differ and make sure you have a proper adaptor:

Sockets comply with CEE 7 standards: 7/1 (unearthed) and 7/3 (grounded), both take two-pin plugs.

Typically, you will not need to worry about grounding (most of the devices you are likely to use having double insulation), except if you choose to bring your own iron.
Unearthed plugs fit into both socket types.

Crossing the road

THE LAWS OF THE PEOPLE MAY BE ON YOUR SIDE BUT THE LAWS OF PHYSICS ARE NOT! You will likely find that drivers will slow down to let you cross the street, but never take it for granted!

There is right-hand traffic (RHT) in Hungary, so please be extra careful if you come from a country using LHT.


Arriving by Air

Your plane will arrive at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport Terminal 2A or 2B.


We organise special transfers for our participants from the airport to the hotels and back on the days August 31, September 1, September 5 and 6 at frequent arrival and departure times. Our driver meets guests at the arrival (with their name on a board), collects them with a max. 15 minutes of waiting time, max. 4 persons in a car or max 8 persons in a van, and takes them to our conference hotels. (See Accommodation) The price is 17 €/person (in one direction), which should be paid either together with the registration fee or separately at the registration desk. (You can also decide later to use this service; in this case please contact us by e-mail: Voucher for the transfer back will be available at the registration desk.

To organise this service we have to be aware of the demand, therefore you are kindly requested to answer the proper questions on the registration form.

The official taxi from the Budapest Airport to the hotel costs approx. 6500 HUF (cca. 22 €). Please be careful and use only Főtaxi , the official partner of the airport. (You will be directed by signs.)

Another option is the minibus shuttle service  also clearly indicated at the airport. They collect people travelling in the same direction and deliver them one-by-one. It costs 3200 HUF/person (12 €). The disadvantage of this service is that sometimes passengers have to wait 30 minutes before departing and the journey to the destination can also be longer. The service operate desks at both terminals; you have to get your voucher there and will be called.

Public transport

Please note that front-door boarding only policy is in place on bus 200E serving Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Tickets and passes  can be purchased at the BKK Customer Service Points at the arrivals level of airport terminals 2A and 2B.

Additionally, single tickets are available from the driver on board the bus at the price of 450 HUF.

Arriving by Car

If you come by car, visit this website for information on vignettes and tolls.

Parking in the city centre is limited, so check with your hotel where you can park your car. (May involve extra charges.)

More info on parking zones, tariffs and how to pay:

Arriving by Train

For fares and timetables, consult your respective service provider in your country, or check the site of MÁV  (the Hungarian National Railway Company).

Most international trains arrive at Budapest Keleti Pályaudvar, which has excellent public transportation links, including two underground stations (M2 and M4). Tickets and passes can be purchased at the BKK Customer Service Point.

Should you choose to take a taxi, please beware of taxi sharks; to be on the safe side, make use of the services of FŐTAXI  instead.

Public transport

Budapest’s public transportation system is operated by BKK . The service includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, and four underground trains (Metro 1-4), etc. All vehicles can be used with the same kind of ticket or pass. Daily service runs between 4:30 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Night service is also available.

Tickets or passes must be bought in advance and validated upon boarding. They are available at BKK Customer Service Points , newsstands and from vending machines at many bus and tram stops in the city centre. On certain buses you can buy a ticket from the driver, for a surcharge.

Never buy tickets or passes on the street!

Please note that you need to validate a new ticket every time you change vehicles, except for Metro lines. Any ticket validated at a Metro entry is valid for one hour, during which time you may change lines as many times as you wish without leaving the premises of the Metro. Passes need not be validated.

Always make sure you have a valid ticket or pass on you: checks are frequent and violation fees are rather steep.

Prices  (tickets are also available at the registration desk):

Single ticket: HUF 350

Block of 10 tickets: HUF 3.000

72-hour travel card HUF 4150

7-day travel card: HUF 4950

More information (prices, maps, timetables, etc.):


Budapest’s bike sharing system is called „BUBI” (Short for „BUdapest BIcycle,” pronounced similarly to „boobie” ).

Docking stations are available throughout the city centre, including the conference venues and all hotels recommended by us.

More info on prices and terms of use:

Mobile Apps

To find your way around the city by public transport we recommend using these apps:

BKK Futár (Android)

BKK Futár (iOS)


Budapest Public Transport (Android only) (offline mode also available)


Taxi companies in Budapest are compelled by law to charge the same official tariffs.

We recommend using Főtaxi (+36 1 222 2222) for all trips during your stay in Budapest.


We cannot guarantee sunshine all over, but typically the weather in early September is warm and dry. (Bring your umbrellas, just in case.)

Official weather forecast and further information on Hungary’s climate in general: