Introduction to Hungary and Budapest

If you come to Hungary, you will soon learn that Hungarians call themselves “magyar,” speak a language which has no resemblance to any other you’ve heard before (except if you’re Finnish or Estonian), and uses names in “reverse” (they will insist: “proper”) order, just like the Japanese (i. e. family name precedes given name).

As we do not want to bore you with stuff you can easily find elsewhere, we only collected some relevant sites below for you to visit.

General info on Hungary in Wikipedia

If you want a concise overview of Hungary’s history, visit this website, or, for a more „verbose” version, this one.

For current events and what to do we recommend this site, edited mostly by foreigners living in Hungary, speaking from experience.

For more relevant info visit this and this site.

We created a special timeline which highlights events we thought may be of interest to you, either because they are peculiar, or because they are related to items we want to show you if you come to the library- and House of Parliament-tours on September 1.

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