The Universal Language

It is, alas, _not_ Hungarian. 🙂

[Although it is a well known fact that Martians also speak it. Not that we could have any further proof until Matt Damon, the first earthling ever to have a chance to meet them, will tell us all about it. No wonder the movie was shot (mainly) on location in Hungary & Budapest, is there? 😉 ]

To your ears  Hungarian will most probably sound weird. Or at least different.

It’s perfectly natural, though, Hungarian not being of Indo-European origin, but a Uralic  language (like Finnish). (Or so the currently most widely accepted theories claim…)

No worries: here is a list of words and expressions to help you get through the first shock. (You’ll also get a printed copy in your conference bag.)

[Further help on  how to pronounce all those weird characters.]

Just to prove that it’s not _that_ difficult: if Freddy Mercury could do it, so can you! 🙂